Word from the Patroness

Where writers convene, ideas of broad-mindedness, tolerance, and humanism convene – values that our era positively thirsts for. After the year 1963, more than a thousand literary people have taken part in the Lahti International Writers’ Reunion. The Mukkula event has become an institution in cultural history, one of the most important literary events in Europe, a place where international and domestic writers, both beginners and accomplished masters meet.

The patroness of the very first Lahti International Writers’ Reunion, Ms. Sylvi Kekkonen writes in her collection of aphorisms:” Only those who get excited for the same reasons, can understand each other.” Over the decades at Mukkula, while enjoying the natural beauty of Finnish summer, there have been many discussions about literature and authorship. People have been excited both for the same and different reasons, building mutual understanding.

As Finland celebrates the 180th anniversary of its national epic, the Kalevala, it is a pleasure to see how traditions of story-telling and gathering around common campfires once more manifest themselves in the nightless night of Mukkula. I wish all the participants of this event surprising encounters, passionate debates and exciting discussions!

- Jenni Haukio


Jenni Haukio

Jenni Haukio, b.1977, is a poet and the First Lady of Finland.

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